I have a 2007 ford f350 with a 97 12v cummins, this truck has alot of mods in it so I needed to find a product that I knew would be able to give me the power when I need it but also be able to be turned down for fuel economy and be able to be street drive able. The adjuster passes every test! Whether I wanna absolutely dump smoke or keep it from blowing any smoke I can turn the dial up or down and get exactly what I want! I'd recommend this product to any 12v owner stock or high hp! 


Awesome product well worth the money.  Great control of Egt and smoke even with full cut dv's.  Adjustability is incredible awesome work guys! Thanks

my truck is a 1993 GMC Yukon. it had a Bbc ,8 71 blower,2 carburators, i swapped the motor recently for a 12 valve cummins with a P7100 pump and in addition i installed the "Adjuster" by Attitude performance and i can't be more happy with the product and specially with the customer service they are always there for you quick to respond to any of your questions for installation ,still have a few thing to do but i am driving it and it's got plenty of torque, love it

I have a 1996 dodge 2500 manual has 90,000 miles with 4" exhaust , afe fresh air filter, 3k governor springs, stock timing, fuel heater and turbo silence ring removed and an attitude adjuster. At high setting over 2500 rpm it’s hold on were going for a ride power. Thank you! Start in one or two cranks every time, at all fuel settings. And there is no smoke out the exhaust even on high setting. 


I'm a big fan of Non computer 12 valve Cummins. I Bought a ford to make it a fummins. Its got upgrades 550 p7100 pump / fuel injectors / upgrade cam shaft and a compound turbos. Told by the specs its a 600 HP with 1200 lbs of torque. As I was building it my biggest concerns I didn't want to turn it up so much that it was impractical for normal driving. I heard about the Adjuster. And immediately added to my build sheet.
It seemed perfect for what I was looking for.
Yes, it works.  With a turn of the knob you can hear/feel the cummins come alive and happy. I have driven this daily now for over a year. It absolutely controls the smoke and adds power.

Howard's Truck with The ADJUSTERHoward's Truck with The ADJUSTER

Thank you for your help, the truck is rolling coal. Big difference with The Attitude Zero profile plate. POWER like never before. Thank You again for your product and great Customer Support. I bought the truck in 1997 for $22,000.00 and it now has 600,000 miles and still runs strong. The Adjuster just made it that much better. Thanks!

Cody's Truck with The ADJUSTERCody's Truck with The ADJUSTER

I've added an Attitude Adjuster to my 12V a year ago and it is STILL the best aftermarket part that I have put on my truck so far. Very simple to install and will probably last longer than the truck very good quality went into this product.

Some of the greatest things I like about the Attitude Adjuster, is that I can turn the fuel down in seconds right before going through emissions testing and passing with flying colors. I used to really have to feather the throttle in emissions testing.

I also like that you can turn the fuel completely off to where the truck will not start nice to have that extra "kill switch" 

And it's amazing when towing you can turn it down pulling a hill and not have to worry about EGTs getting out of hand. And when not Towing of course you can crank this puppy up!

And if I keep my foot out of it on a lower tune level I get around 1 - 2.5+ MPG!

I HIGHLY recommend this product to anyone with a 12 valve cummins or anything with a P7100 Bosch pump.

I really think all P7100 pumps should have a Attitude Adjuster on it, the world would be a much better place

You guys really knocked it out of the ballpark with the Attitude Adjuster great work!
-Cody L.

Cody's Truck with The ADJUSTER

We have been super impressed with the way the Adjuster performs with all of our big horsepower, high end builds. The adjustability makes them very streetable! We can take a 1000+ HP 6B or a 600+ 4B and tune them to run smoke free while lowering EGTs and increasing/maximizing horsepower! NOTHING compares!
-Weaver Customs

First impressions of ‎adjuster ... This thing is awesome!!! Coming from 24 valve life and doing a p pump swap on my truck, It really is a mechanical chip. I got a #0 profile with mine and cut it down so I could get just a little more room to move (not needed just something I did). After about an hour for install, I went for a spin. On setting 1 with the throttle mashed, It stopped advancing power at it's set point and kept me at 12 lbs boost with slowly rising RPM and speed. Totally SMOKELESS!!! From there I turned it up to setting 3 and went again. This time much more smoke at first, but cleared off quick and stopped me at 30 lbs boost. One last run on setting 5 and I hit 45 lbs (little more smoke then lvl 3, with haze as I kept going) before having to slow it down for where I was at. Just FYI I can max out my 80 lb boost gauge on the road, and I can turn the adjuster dial up to 9.
Dyno results... 
With the adjuster all the way down I put down 200 rwhp with 14 lbs boost and 950* egts
With the dial all the way up I made 731 rwhp with 76 lbs boost and 1700* egt's.
Both runs were on the same loaded dyno.
Just goes to show the full range this mod can provide! I can say 100% I would definitely recommend the adjuster to anyone running a mechanical pump.

The Adjuster has been the greatest product to hit the market for the P-Pump diesel engines. Here at Flatline Diesel not only are we enjoying the benefits of the P-Pump mechanical chip tunabilty and efficiency on our trucks but we enjoy hearing noumerous customer reviews of their experience with the Adjuster and the adjustabilty it gives them from high performance trucks enabling friendly drivabilty, egt control, smoke control, and down to the stock or slightly modified trucks adding more power, better fuel economy, and tunabilty on the dial for fine tuning for towing or other needs of fueling at any given time. We are a proud supporter of the Adjuster and have been very impressed with the quailty and pride put into this product, nothing compares.
-Flatline Diesel

Outstanding product guys!! A must have for the 12 valve!! Best upgrade on the market.
-Cody D.

Thanks for building a great product that works from 0 cc of fuel to 450. Awesome control of your EGTs.
-Kevin C.

Got my adjuster today and got it installed already in my 1st gen! Definitely seems to be a great investment so far!

After having a overly fueled 12 valve for a few years I was glad to find a product like the Attitude Adjuster . My truck pretty much turned into a "Sunday driver " because I couldn't drive it around the block with out leaving a huge cloud of smoke ... Of course I didn't want to turn down my truck and make less power so I just delt with it. Installing the Attitude Adjuster was strait forward. If you have ever played with your pump, you should be able to do it with your eyes closed. The hardest part was drilling the hole in the fire wall . I have to say the Attitude Adjuster is almost a work of art and is very well mad. Being able to turn down the fuel to be able to use the truck for work with out spending time to re-tune the pump is amazing!! Made driving a worked up 12 valve threw town with out getting the laws attention easy! Great product would recommend it and would definitely buy another one !!!
-Sean B.

This thing is insane! I have a 1st gen dodge with a p-pumped engine,. Installation was more involved than it would be with a second gen but it works perfect. When I turn it all the way down I'm getting 26 mpg out of a 550 hp truck! Of course when it's turned up, that falls to about 17 but the adjustability is amazing. Great job Attitude! My only complaint is that they should have come out with it years ago!

I have a 12 valve swapped into a Chevy and have done a lot of work to the motor.It's a daily driver with enough power to willingly light my 37" tires in tire smoke. All the work that has been done has obviously made my EGTs very high. So after I got the Attitude Adjuster installed I went for a test drive without a trailer. I could definitely tell it added some power with the adjuster on the highest setting. Then I turned it all the way down and loaded a 10,000 lb trailer and went for another drive. The adjuster could be turned down enough to safely tow on the stock setting and still be able to turn it up to smoke the tires. I was very impressed and very glad I ordered one. 

-Jacob M.

I appreciate it, you guys are awesome!  Great to do business with a company that cares.  Surprising, there are a few who don't.

One of my best purchases has been the APP Adjuster. I have a 1997 Dodge 12 valve with an automatic trans. I've gone through the suspension, steering, Transmission, engine, interior, and repainted the vehicle. With mild modifications to the engine I was able to up the performance slightly as well as the mileage. When I opted for more extensive engine modifications which more than doubled my stock horsepower I saw a drop in mileage.  I was told that the APP Attitude Adjuster had been developed for the 12 valve Cummins. Getting that on my truck was a great decision. I now have the option of having all my power and horsepower available when I want it or I can also dial down the fuel and get better mileage than I ever have. It's just a simple turn of the dial inside the cab that allows control at any time.

I've had my Attitude Adjuster for about a year now and I absolutely love it . It gives you the power to completely control your trucks power on the fly. Instantly noticed better mileage and a very big power gain on the highest level. 5/5 stars for a great product ! Thank you Attitude Performance!

This has got to be the best thing I have bought for my truck yet. Adjustable fuel plate for my p7100 pump has been very handy in my truck for when i need that extra power or when I want to save fuel. The installation was a breeze, it took me just a little over 45 minutes to install it. After it was installed my truck was a night and day difference. Can’t go wrong with the Attitude Adjuster.

First impressions of ‪#‎attitudeadjuster‬ ... I'm impressed! It really is a mechanical chip.After a few minutes of adjusting the bottom setting so it was a few clicks up from killing the truck, I went for a spin. With the throttle mashed, It stopped advancing power at it's set point and kept me at 17 lbs boost with slowly rising RPM and speed. Totally SMOKELESS!!! From there I turned it up to level 3 and went again. This time much more smoke at first, but tapered off quick and stopped me at 35 lbs boost.One last run on level 5 and I hit 50 lbs (little more smoke then lvl 3, with haze as I kept going) before having to slow it down for where I was at. Just FYI I can max out my 80 lb boost gauge, and the adjuster dial goes to 9 and with how I have my low point set, will keep going past 9 around to 5 again. So plenty more to open up when I get on the dyno or track! So far so good!!!

I have a 1997 Dodge cummins, auto trans, 4wd.188/220 cam, fringed head, studs, valve springs. Everything else is pretty much stock.

I received my Attitude Adjuster …..I had been hearing about the The Adjuster for the better part of a year, so you can imagine my excitement when it arrived. So I took my time installing it. I ran into some fitment challenges but, product support was so good that my figment issues (unique to my truck only) were easily and quickly mitigated. I tow between 5k and 10k lbs 95% of the time this truck gets used. I am here to tell you…not only did I see a 20% increase in fuel mileage, but I also was able to continue acceleration in full lock up of the torque converter (big bonus when trying to pass someone on the freeway) using a #8 plate. I also get 22-26 lbs of boost; before I was lucky to see 20 lbs. This is while towing. Love it and recommend it to anyone with a Ppumped truck!

Awesome product well worth the money. Great control of Egt and smoke even with full cut dv's. Adjustability is incredible awesome work guys! 
-Brian W.

After having myself, a pretty good mechanic, and two professional diesel mechanics try to tune the AFC live with results that were less than stellar. I stumbled upon your website. I'm glad I did. Your product was easy to install and simple in nature. Meaning less bulk and fewer moving parts. In comparing [their] bulky red box that would not adhere to the dash and a simple knob that adjusts to 10 is not fair in comparison. I liken the AFC live to a model T Ford and your product to something modern in technology I mean no disrespect to your competitor but I'm not sure how they're product is still on the market. I've several up grades to my 97 12 valve. I'm not bashful in driving it. However I'm still not confident enough to turn it to 10. At 6 the truck rolls like a train on steroids. All this with a turn of a knob. Thanks I think your product is great. I'm sure if you publish this some will think I'm somehow related to your company. I am not---It's just really that good. I do need to warn those that may purchase your product. Plan on budgeting tires more often. Cuz you'll be rolling coal. :).