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The ADJUSTER by Attitude -- Ultimate package for a 12v cummins with a P Pump

The ADJUSTER by Attitude wakes up the Cummins 12v P-pump

SEMA 2017, The ADJUSTER by Attitude showcased on Laid-Back’s Cummins p-pumped “Jambulance”

APP Product Lines as Featured on TV

ATTITUDE in all these vehicles: ADJUSTERS, Rack Caps, Delivery Valve Holders and MORE!  Video from Premier Performance Products.  

The ADJUSTER by Attitude -- More power, better mileage, lower EGT's

Diesel Products for Attitude including The ADJUSTER by Attitude
(More HP, Better Mileage, Lower EGT's, More Boost, Less Smoke)

THE ADJUSTER by Attitude Benefits Video

THE ADJUSTER by Attitude Install Video

Featured on TV, THE ADJUSTER by Attitude Performance Products

THE ADJUSTER by Attitude Performance Products in action utilizing the standard "0" Fuel Profile:
Examples of huge range of horsepower levels, in the cab and on the fly!

“Django" and “Alcatraz" with The ADJUSTER—Take performance to a new level in the Diesel world.


Make your 12 valve happy, and give your Diesel a little ATTITUDE!

Hot parts for a 6bt/ 5.9L Cummins and 6.6L Duramax

XDP introduces THE ADJUSTER by Attitude

XDP introduces Attitude's Side Freeze Plug (#1009)

Diesels are all about Attitude...lots of ATTITUDE parts here!

Stunning Cummins Powered Cars with Attitude Performance Products Invade SEMA