The ADJUSTER by Attitude  vs  AFC Live


What people say who have experienced BOTH

After having myself, a pretty good mechanic, and two professional diesel mechanics try to tune the AFC live with results that were less than stellar. I stumbled upon your website. I'm glad I did. Your product was easy to install and simple in nature. Meaning less bulk and fewer moving parts. In comparing [their] bulky red box that would not adhere to the dash and a simple knob that adjusts to 10 is not fair in comparison. I liken the AFC live to a model T Ford and your product to something modern in technology. I mean no disrespect to your competitor but I'm not sure how they're product is still on the market. I've several up grades to my 97 12 valve. I'm not bashful in driving it. However I'm still not confident enough to turn it to 10. At 6 the truck rolls like a train on steroids. All this with a turn of a knob. Thanks I think your product is great. I'm sure if you publish this some will think I'm somehow related to your company. I am not---It's just really that good. I do need to warn those that may purchase your product. Plan on budgeting tires more often. Cuz you'll be rolling coal. :). Regards John


The Adjuster is the best fuel adjuster around. Had afc live 2 and couldn’t adjust the power. The Adjuster lets me get great mpg down the highway, adjustability for towing trailers, and when I want to have fun I can turn it all the way up. Best part about the adjuster is there is no smoke. I love how I can adjust it on the fly! Well worth the money! Jesse

Jesse's Truck rollin' with The ADJUSTERJesse's Truck with The ADJUSTER


I ran AFC Live for about 6 months before getting an Adjuster and hands down the adjuster is better! The ease of turning the dial to any numbered position and knowing what your power level is on that setting is far superior to blindly turning knobs and having to put the pedal down to see/feel the difference…. Ian


I have had mine for two years now, no problems whatever, I did a lot of researching afc live versus attitude..... I’m soooooo freakin happy i did attitude.... neighbor has afc live and is always. I mean always messing around with it, he can never be happy with it because it’s boost control fuel, and he can’t get it to stay put on a setting he likes because it won’t hold the same setting and any setting, he says.... he went with it because of advertising and name brand..... you will love the attitude... and worry and problem free, make sure you want plenty of vids and read instructions plenty of times to insure perfect install, fyi much much easier than the afc live, from what I can tell.  -AS


Certified Specialist w/ 30+ years experience

I had a customer that requested an exchange pump.  While setting up the test stand I decided to make a comparison to the AFC live.  The result showed the AFC live would not get constant fuel readings.  The AFC live works on air pressure.  It does not have a torque plate on it and could require grinding to stop the plate.  Each customer that grinds the plate could get a different fuel output.

I can only set the AFC live to 200cc to 400cc.  The Adjuster I can set 50cc to 400cc and get constant readings.  It has a stop plate and a torque plate. No grinding necessary.  The Adjuster also has different torque plates you can buy which allows a person to have different torque curves.  The AFC live does not allow it.

My opinion is The Adjuster is the better product.

Scott Goff

Goff Diesel Injection


Bench Test AFC Live

COMPARE—You be the Judge

The ADJUSTER and AFC Live are both made for the P 7100 pump...BUT the differences between the two systems are worlds apart.

P7100 Pump

        The ADJUSTER is a smooth, precise, accurate, computer- numeric-control manufactured system with accurate command of range and fuel output, efficient functions with fully repeatable and consistent operation. It is exactly adjustable for many levels through the fuel spectrum with only one rotation of the control knob. The ADJUSTER does it all with no additional modifications .…even to get Max Power!

        The AFC Live is an air pressure regulator with bypass, operating on air with the inconsistencies and variables of air pressure (manifold pressure fluctuates). Varying pressures are directly correlated to fuel flow variation, and since it’s difficult to control/maintain pressure, fuel delivery is not precise, and accurate selectivity of fueling is unattainable. Additional steps /add ons required for Max Power.

7 at-a-glance differences:  The ADJUSTER vs AFC Live



  • Provides precise control for the user.  
  • 8 incremental specific and mid settings (16 total), and each provides a specific fuel delivery.  
  • Performance is exactly repeatable and each setting is accurate. Ex. If #2.5 on the dial is selected, you have the same results each time.  
  • Provides the widest degree of fuel control--it can be set all the way down to where the pump is shut off (some enthusiasts have used this as an anti-theft measure), and the 8 main and mid incremental exact settings through max power produce specific results with no additional modifications.  
  • Efficiently controls smoke with the same precise management.
  • CNC’d machined for accurate, repeatable settings.

AFC Live:

  • Works on air pressure, and is subject to those variables inherent in using an air-regulated system.  
  • No way to know which place on the knob will provide a particular fuel flow, nor how many turns of the knob are needed to get the fuel delivery desired.  
  • No way to precisely select a return position. Each time the AFC Live is called into action, it becomes a trial-and-error search to find a fuel level. From one time to the next the regulator will deliver differing results because air pressure is inconsistent.



  • Mechanical and Precise. Full and mid settings exactly control positions which are clearly indicated on knob.
  • Controls entire range of travel, accurately adjusts fuel, and will consistently repeat each power setting.
  • ADJUSTER fully controls fuel flow from zero to maximum fuel. It commands it all, from 0-21mm of rack travel (with APP's optional Rack Cap #1007).


  • Inherently unstable and varying because air pressure isn’t consistent.
  • Adjusts fuel advance but only from the no-air setting forward.
  • No matter where you set the AFC on the pump, it’s only going to control fuel from that point.



  • No grinding or modification of any P-Pump parts required for installation ;
  • Simple, drop-in installation with no need to grind P-pump.

AFC Live:  

  • v.1 instructions for max travel kit indicate users required to grind the fuel arm 1/8” from the guide barrel of the AC foot and as an option, to also grind the face of the AFC foot.



  • Can control smoke an any vehicle with a P7100 pump because of finite 0-21mm regulation.
  • The ADJUSTER can control all the way past the no-air setting to shut off.

AFC Live:  

  • Controls only from the AFC's no-air setting forward.

    Adjuster vs AFC sizeAdjuster vs AFC size


    The ADJUSTER SIZE:  L:  3”  x  W:  1 ¾”  x   H:  2”  (approx 1/3 the size of AFC Live)

    AFC Live v.2 SIZE :  L:  7 ¼  x  W:  3 1/8”  x  H:  1 3/8”  (L:  6 3/8 without readable gauge)

    6. MOUNTING:

    • Velcro is furnished to mount the AFC Live
    • Stainless steel metal bracket, secure and stable, is furnished to mount The ADJUSTER


    The ADJUSTER is an all-inclusive unit shipped with a “0” profile.  With no adjustments or add-ons, it can go from 0 to max power.
    To address very specific applications, 4 optional fuel profiles were manufactured:
    #1205 for 13mm pumps and heavily modified trucks
    #1206 for most street trucks with modifications
    #1208 for heavy towing
    #1210 for 913 pumps and all pumps with notched-style plungers, and for stock or lightly modified trucks.

    The AFC Live has add-ons to try to provide more control  (travel kit, turbo adapter, gauge) which increase the price of the basic unit—even a readable gauge is extra.

    ____________You be the Judge____________

    Do you Agree with the experts?

    “ If an enthusiast is looking for mileage and performance along with all the other benefits, the Adjuster is far superior.  If a person is looking to drag race every weekend and then just drive it home and cut the fuel away from it, he could use AFC live.  The AFC Live does not have any of the other functionality or fuel delivery control the Adjuster has.”

    The ADJUSTER does it all.

    3rd Party Testing The ADJUSTER vs AFC LiveTest Bench Results, AFC Live
    3rd Party Testing The ADJUSTER vs AFC Live
    Test Bench Results, AFC Live
    11/2018           It's Time:  THE REAL STORY     

    Attitude Performance Products, a Utah company, has at its core a strong set of ethical business principles. Therefore, we have tried to ignore our competitor’s inappropriate, misleading, and incorrect claims that AFC Live (also from Utah) was the first in-cab controller on the market, and also that it is the best. APP hoped the AFC Live Group's invented “hype” would die down, but it has not. Therefore, it is now time to set the record straight.


    #1    The ADJUSTER was FIRST. The engineering and plans for the ADJUSTER were researched over a number of years and in 2014 the designs were put on paper and submitted for patent. The ADJUSTER was first introduced (both at a public display site and on social media) to the market during the Utah Autorama March 2015 in a large display booth which explained the process; The ADJUSTER was also installed on a demonstration truck with a p-pump. Many signs were available explaining the mechanical process driving the in-cab fuel controller. Additionally, participants could manipulate the controller to see for themselves the unique control The ADJUSTER had to manipulate fuel for the P-7100 pump. The first introduction for AFC Live according to the company’s information was July 18, 2015, and at that time, the product didn’t even have a name.

    #2    The ADJUSTER is a far superior product. The ADJUSTER is fully mechanical which provides the operator with the ability to easily, accurately, and precisely control the p-pump’s fuel flow. Selecting a position on the ADJUSTER dial produces that same fuel flow every time. The AFC Live is air-driven and while it does deliver power the fuel flow is not, by it’s very function, consistent nor repeatable.

    Corporate responsibility and ethics should dictate that Power Driven Diesel refrain from making these erroneous and misleading claims regarding AFC Live.